Plain Text is Beautiful

Thu Oct  8 08:21:05 CDT 2015	Anguish of Abandonment

 I'd rather keep to myself than risk the anguish of abandonment.

Wed Oct  7 15:37:32 CDT 2015	Do for Myself

 I will do for myself before I will risk the injury of a broken

Thu Oct  1 15:06:30 CDT 2015	#pinkwashing

 When I refer to #pinkwashing, it's to those companies who
 surreptitiously use the pink ribbon and breast cancer awareness
 month to boost their sales and profits while donating very little
 to help fund breast cancer research, diagnosis, and treatment.
 That is the original meaning of the term hash-tagged above.

Mon Sep 28 08:27:54 CDT 2015	Two-thousand-dollar MacBook

 First year freshman gets a two-thousand-dollar MacBook for college.
 Two months into the semester, it's stolen. A few days later, first
 year freshman gets another two-thousand-dollar MacBook.

Tue Sep  8 14:07:30 UTC 2015	Perpetually Snippy Co-workers

 Perpetually snippy co-workers that zero in on your every mistake,
 then make a building-wide production out of it.

Sun Sep  6 12:39:20 CDT 2015	Proud Parent Moment

 I remember someone mentioning he'd gone to the Eastbay Costco
 with his toddler a few weeks after this day year before last.
 "Daddy, why Christmas? It isn't even Halloween yet." 

Wed Aug 26 10:43:02 CDT 2015	Womens' Equality Day

 On this day in 1920, women achieved the right to vote in the US.

Fri Aug 21 12:05:59 CDT 2015	Ashley Madison incident.

 What people should be taking from this is that anything a person
 posts on "the Internet" should be considered as either public or
 can be made public at a moment's notice. Nothing is private.

Fri Jul 10 09:10:31 CDT 2015	25 years a conservationist

 I've always been ashamed that I didn't embrace conservation until
 I was twenty-nine years old because I might have made something
 more of a difference had I done so ten years earlier.

 These days, we are witness to a series of events that are almost
 too complex to try to explain to an American public that is
 thoroughly brainwashed by advertising and consumer culture.

Sat Jun 27 13:03:13 CDT 2015	#LoveWins

 The best advocates aren't always the law-makers, judges, or heads
 of state. Most of the time they are the everyday people you
 encounter who like you just the way you are.

Wed Jun 24 09:36:52 CDT 2015	Practice speech.

 If you should see or overhear me talking to myself, I'm practicing
 what to say in public.

Tue Jun 23 09:13:21 CDT 2015	Just be yourselves.

 It is universally inappropriate to assume or co-opt an ethnicity
 or socioeconomic class that isn't yours and to an underprivileged
 class or a minority, it's also very insulting. Please don't. 

Mon Jun 22 14:29:09 CDT 2015	Comb-over Punks

 The best way to deal with a comb-over punk like Trump is not to
 give them any attention in the first place.

Sat Jun 20 18:38:28 CDT 2015	Spanish Town Historic District

 I remember when gas was less than a dollar a gallon and there were
 fewer cars in this neighborhood.

Mon Jun  8 16:08:38 CDT 2015	little old man cake

 When I'm in swimsuit shape for next summer, I'll be wearing one
 of those classic 1920's tank suits men wore that cover the chest.
 I want to be THE cutest little old man cake at the pool or on the

Mon Jun  1 09:39:01 CDT 2015    Dietetic Poetics

 I can now more easily move around, having taken off just those few

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