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Tue Feb  9 20:29:26 CST 2016	A Parade for Spanish Town

 Other long-term Spanish Town residents and myself are entertaining
 the idea of starting our own second-line parade. It would be a
 more traditional New Orleans style, with costumes, music, marching
 and dancing. There'll be none of the racist, raunchy, sexist and
 tasteless themes that have permeated the Spanish Town Parade. It
 will be planned by and for Spanish Town residents but all in
 appropriately themed Mardi Gras costume are welcome.

Thu Feb  4 15:30:51 CST 2016	Gov. John Bel Edwards

   Deeper cuts to higher ed, health care aren't solution to budget:

   Gov. John Bel Edwards

   Only a few weeks have passed since I stood on the steps of our
   Capitol and asked you to join me in putting Louisiana first.
   Now, more than ever, the future of our state depends on a
   recommitment to that promise of unity and shared sacrifice to
   bring our state to a place of shared prosperity.

   I don't want to mince words - Louisiana is in a budget crisis.
   After eight years of dishonest budgeting, our state is facing
   a $750 million shortfall for this fiscal year and an expected
   $1.9 billion shortfall for the next fiscal year. This is the
   largest budget deficit in the history of our state. Those numbers
   are not just my numbers. The Legislature's fiscal advisers as
   well as independent economists, such as LSU's Jim Richardson,
   agree. We are in dire straits.

   During the campaign, I told people of Louisiana that significant
   budget reforms would be required to end years of chronic revenue
   shortfalls and the failure to properly fund critical programs
   such as higher education and health care.

   Since then, we all learned that budget problem is twice as big
   as we knew during the course of the campaign. Corporate income
   tax collections are down to negative $200 million, as the state
   doled out $200 million more in tax credits than we have collected
   in taxes. To make matters worse, the current year's budget is
   sitting dangerously atop $800 million in one-time money --
   dollars that won't be available in the new budget year but are
   being used to pay for on-going programs today.

   Because these facts surrounding the budget have changed so
   significantly, so must the solutions we consider. The simple
   fixes and easy cuts were made years ago. There are no "easy"
   solutions left, and after eight years of living in budget fantasy
   land, it is time to govern -- and to speak the truth.

   I have offered a menu of options in order to stabilize our budget
   in the short term and put us on a long-term path to prosperity.
   This menu of options is unappealing, but the alternative to
   making hard choices now is catastrophic. Simply put, we must
   stabilize the budget in the short term and transition to a more
   stable, reliable revenue stream in the long term.

   I cannot support deep cuts to higher education and the elimination
   of critical health services that will result if we do not work
   together to tackle these budget challenges responsibly.

   Additional cuts would force colleges into financial exigency,
   lead to hospital closures across the state and prevent the state
   from delivering basic and critical services to its citizens.

   Like me, each of you knows a child who has left Louisiana to
   pursue an education free from the threat of cuts, to get a good
   job, or to pursue a rewarding career. We are failing too many
   of our kids and setting Louisiana families on a trajectory for
   generational struggle.

   A distracting political storm is brewing. Detractors will spend
   more time on blame and rhetoric than they will giving solutions.
   Ask them to name the cuts that will solve the problem and who
   will suffer if those cuts are imposed. With a wise balance of
   responsible cuts and revenue-raising, we will emerge stronger

   Washington-style politics have no place in Louisiana. I have
   asked even my most vocal critics to be solution-driven and
   compromise-oriented.  So, please encourage your legislators to
   work with me.

   In Louisiana, we are resilient, and we are determined to meet
   any challenge that comes our way. We are experienced at working
   together in the face of great adversity.

   I ask you to join me, to stay involved. I ask you to choose
   productive dialogue over political chatter and practical solutions
   over reactionary anger. I ask you to be Louisianians first, not
   Democrats or Republicans. And I ask you to pray for our great
   state as we work together to solve these massive challenges and
   unleash greater opportunity and prosperity for our people. Make
   no mistake, our best days are ahead.

   John Bel Edwards is governor of Louisiana.
Fri Jan 29 20:51:43 CST 2016

 Longest "parade" on this night are the cars going east on Spanish
 Town Road.

Fri Jan 29 08:58:51 CST 2016	RIP, HRM, King George III

 On this day in 1820 King George III died. Dubliners were told to
 paint their doors black to mourn his passing and the naughty Irish
 painted their doors anything BUT black.

Tue Jan 26 13:06:06 CST 2016	The Risk Isn't Worth Taking

 Even if you don't believe that karma will bite your ass nine ways
 from Sunday, the risk isn't worth taking.


Sun Jan 24 00:38:53 CST 2016	Sad Posse Clown

 If you are jealous and hateful of someone because they like their
 job and they're good at it, you are one sad posse clown who needs
 to get a life.

Fri Jan 22 20:01:50 CST 2016	Bayou Country Superfest, 2016

 So that local friends may plan their activities accordingly, the
 Bayou Country Superfest will be May 27 - 29, 2016. Tickets went
 on sale today.

Mon Jan 11 08:17:16 CST 2016	David Bowie (1947-2016)

 An oddity is a precious thing.

Mon Jan  4 23:13:24 CST 2016    Mississippi River at Baton Rouge

 The river is now at flood stage. Let's all go stand atop a parking
 garage and watch the idiots walk on the levee and let their kids
 play on the booms.

Fri Jan  1 23:09:37 CST 2016	Resolution No. 1

 Stop hating myself.

Thu Dec 31 15:50:07 CST 2015	NYE 2015 Plans

 Put on a kilt (for Hogamany), pour a glass of wine, and listen to

Mon Dec 28 18:24:20 CST 2015	Sense of Atmosphere

 One of the attibutes of "Star Wars: 'A New Hope' and 'The Empire
 Strikes Back'" that endears me to them is an unmistakable sense
 of atmosphere. Everything after that always seems to fall flat.

Mon Dec 21 11:48:27 CST 2015	An Odd One

 I had it in mind that I'd be an "odd one" for not wanting to own
 or operate an automobile. Lo and behold, it seems that quite a
 lot of "millennials" don't want to, either.

Sun Dec 20 12:25:36 CST 2015    Recommended Movies on Netflix

Short Term 12

Blue Ruin

People, Places, Things

The Hurt

Your Sister's Sister


Side Effects


Elite Squad: The Enemy Within

The One I Love

Mon Dec 14 11:46:19 CST 2015	Nerdist | Silversun Pickups

 Silversun Pickups chat with Chris and Kyle about life on the road,
 meeting their heroes and life back in L.A. They also  talk about
 their newest album Better Nature, and they play three songs for
 the podcast!

Wed Dec  9 09:03:33 CST 2015    John Lennon at Shea Stadium

 I remember footage of an interview with the Beatles at Shea Stadium
 all those years ago and a teenaged John Lennon commenting, "We'll
 be lucky if we last two weeks."

Fri Dec  4 20:50:20 CST 2015    Planned Parenthood

 Planned Parenthood is one of those programs the government cannot
 afford NOT to fund. It is not a "welfare program" and may very
 well have saved the government no telling how many times over the
 cost of funding it.

Mon Nov 30 08:16:45 CST 2015    My Own Choice of Words

 I have my own choice of words for people who abandon their animals
 without any attempt at arrangement for adoption or shelter. I have
 my on verbal poison for those who dump them in our neighborhood,
 as if we're the city animal dumping ground.

Sat Nov 28 19:42:01 CST 2015    Fraudluent Charges Horror Stories

 Keep an eye on your bank and credit card transactions. The fraudulent
 charges horror stories are starting to pop up like mushrooms.

Tue Nov 24 18:25:23 CST 2015    Suspicious ADT "Repair Person"

 Homeowners using ADT security systems, please be on the alert for
 an alleged ADT "repair person" that called upon a homeowner in
 the Oaks Subdivision of Port Allen. When telephoned, the company
 replied they had not sent anyone out there and would not do so
 unless the homeowner requested it.

Sun Nov 22 23:01:03 CST 2015    Why I Voted Early

 No lines, no crowds, and you're in and out quick. If something
 like bad weather or the job gets in the way on that day, there's
 still another chance to cast your vote.

Tue Nov 17 09:03:32 CST 2015    Straight Folk

Straight folk who keep using the noun "fag" in my presence will be
regarded as a tourist and treated accordingly.

Tue Nov 10 10:24:43 CST 2015    So ... How was my Monday?

 It started with this batty Tiger Trails bus operator carrying us
 down the wrong way in a construction zone nearly colliding with
 another vehicle, then she turns into the wrong way on North St.

Mon Nov  9 20:10:34 CST 2015    The Old Student Union

 I miss the old student union when it wasn't some mini-mall
 food-court. I miss the bowling alley, good coffee in heavy china
 mugs, and the old bookstore with all kinds of neat stuff you
 wouldn't find anywhere else. The barber shop is gone, too

Sat Oct 31 16:19:06 CDT 2015    "Fall Back"

 Don't forget to "fall back" your non-networked time devices one
 hour before you turn in for the night then help yourself to an
 extra hour of sleep.

Wed Oct 28 21:43:01 CDT 2015    Mountain of Patience

 Being condescended to is a sore point with me. I made my own way
 in life and there were times when I figuratively - and literally
 - pulled myself out of a situation by my own boot-straps my own
 sweat and my own - rare as they may be - my own smarts. I can be
 a sweet human being and a loyal friend. I can be a mountain of
 patience but when I've had enough, that's it. I want absolutely
 nothing to do with someone who repeatedly condescends to me.

Tue Oct 27 15:05:42 CDT 2015    Grow a Pair

 When you finally grow a pair and start standing up for yourself,
 then you're suddenly a total asshole in the of eyes of those who
 condescended to you.

Mon Oct 26 09:39:29 CDT 2015

 One of those times I should be grateful I live where I do. Highest
 ground in the city. Spanish Town Historic District.

Mon Oct 19 23:48:49 CDT 2015    Whisker in the Eye

 Nothing like trimming the ole beard and a whisker flies into an

Mon Oct 12 09:29:30 CDT 2015    Monday Mornings

 Nothing like waking up to the sound of exploding transformers and
 wondering if you're going to have to get ready for work in the

Sun Oct 11 11:31:18 CDT 2015    Haircut Selfies

 I just realized that about the only time I take a "selfie" is when
 I get a haircut so I can show the barber how I want it to look
 the next time. :-)

Fri Oct  9 09:13:12 CDT 2015    Washer and Dryer

 An increase in rent with the promise of a washer and dryer in my
 apartment. Happy Friday.

Thu Oct  8 08:21:05 CDT 2015    Anguish of Abandonment

 I'd rather keep to myself than risk the anguish of abandonment.

Wed Oct  7 15:37:32 CDT 2015    Do for Myself

 I will do for myself before I will risk the injury of a broken

Thu Oct  1 15:06:30 CDT 2015    #pinkwashing

 When I refer to #pinkwashing, it's to those companies who
 surreptitiously use the pink ribbon and breast cancer awareness
 month to boost their sales and profits while donating very little
 to help fund breast cancer research, diagnosis, and treatment.
 That is the original meaning of the term hash-tagged above.

Mon Sep 28 08:27:54 CDT 2015    Two-thousand-dollar MacBook

 First year freshman gets a two-thousand-dollar MacBook for college.
 Two months into the semester, it's stolen. A few days later, first
 year freshman gets another two-thousand-dollar MacBook.

Tue Sep  8 14:07:30 UTC 2015    Perpetually Snippy Co-workers

 Perpetually snippy co-workers that zero in on your every mistake,
 then make a building-wide production out of it.

Sun Sep  6 12:39:20 CDT 2015    Proud Parent Moment

 I remember someone mentioning he'd gone to the Eastbay Costco
 with his toddler a few weeks after this day year before last.
 "Daddy, why Christmas? It isn't even Halloween yet."

Wed Aug 26 10:43:02 CDT 2015    Womens' Equality Day

 On this day in 1920, women achieved the right to vote in the US.

Fri Aug 21 12:05:59 CDT 2015    Ashley Madison incident.

 What people should be taking from this is that anything a person
 posts on "the Internet" should be considered as either public or
 can be made public at a moment's notice. Nothing is private.

Fri Jul 10 09:10:31 CDT 2015    25 years a conservationist

 I've always been ashamed that I didn't embrace conservation until
 I was twenty-nine years old because I might have made something
 more of a difference had I done so ten years earlier.

 These days, we are witness to a series of events that are almost
 too complex to try to explain to an American public that is
 thoroughly brainwashed by advertising and consumer culture.

Sat Jun 27 13:03:13 CDT 2015    #LoveWins

 The best advocates aren't always the law-makers, judges, or heads
 of state. Most of the time they are the everyday people you
 encounter who like you just the way you are.

Wed Jun 24 09:36:52 CDT 2015    Practice speech.

 If you should see or overhear me talking to myself, I'm practicing
 what to say in public.

Tue Jun 23 09:13:21 CDT 2015    Just be yourselves.

 It is universally inappropriate to assume or co-opt an ethnicity
 or socioeconomic class that isn't yours and to an underprivileged
 class or a minority, it's also very insulting. Please don't.

Mon Jun 22 14:29:09 CDT 2015    Comb-over Punks

 The best way to deal with a comb-over punk like Trump is not to
 give them any attention in the first place.

Sat Jun 20 18:38:28 CDT 2015    Spanish Town Historic District

 I remember when gas was less than a dollar a gallon and there were
 fewer cars in this neighborhood.

Mon Jun  8 16:08:38 CDT 2015    little old man cake

 When I'm in swimsuit shape for next summer, I'll be wearing one
 of those classic 1920's tank suits men wore that cover the chest.
 I want to be THE cutest little old man cake at the pool or on the

Mon Jun  1 09:39:01 CDT 2015    Dietetic Poetics

 I can now more easily move around, having taken off just those few

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