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Mon Jun 10 11:22:03 CDT 2019	Axe Body Spray Response

 Response to the Straight Pride parade: "we'll be at the parade that
 matters and this one isn't it" — AXE (@AXE) June 5, 2019

Mon Jun  3 14:05:05 CDT 2019	Trickle-down economics.

 "Trickle-down economics" is a lie that's been in circulation since the
 Reagan Administration.

Sun Jun  2 10:00:07 CDT 2019	hurricane season and New Orleans

 This is officially hurricane season. New Orleans is officially a coastal
 city. Please prepare accordingly.

Sat Jun  1 12:00:51 CDT 2019	equality, fairness, and justice

 Don't whine at me when equality, fairness, and justice limit those
 privileges taken at the expense of others'.

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