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Mon Mar 16 08:47:23 CDT 2015	Worldview

 Oh. So your worldview is everyone's worldview. Okay.

Tue Mar 10 14:03:38 CDT 2015	Shit List

 A good way to get your name on my shit list is to give my email
 address to a mailing list without my knowledge or consent.

Mon Mar  9 11:30:30 CDT 2015	Dear Bus Operator

 Dear Bus Operator: road closures are announced in the newspaper
 days in advance of the occurrence. Why are you looking at me like
 you're totally surprised?

Fri Mar 6 8:51:41 CDT 2015	HBO NOW

 Coming in April. HBO NOW. No cable subscription needed. $15.00/month.

Wed Feb 11 15:44:55 CST 2015	Jeff Bridges on The Nerdist

 "Don't you hate it when you ask your mind for something and it
 gives you the finger?" - Jeff Bridges (Nerdist Podcast)

Wed Feb 11 15:42:23 CST 2015	Adult Supervision

 Someone is smoking an e-cigarette in here. This place needs adult
 supervision. @highlandcoffeesbr

Tue Jan 20 23:58:20 CST 2015	Life in the "un-suburbia"

 It's no accident this neighborhood is a historical favorite hide-out
 haven for professors, graduate students, and other intellectuals.
 Where else could an adolescent be introduced to such books as "The
 Hobbit" and "The Last Whole Earth Catalog?"

 Spanish Town is the "un-suburbia" where a person could live and
 enjoy having little to do with "the establishment."

 Nestled between two Interstate highways, downtown, and the state
 capitol, looking all the world like an old New Orleans neighborhood,
 it's a ramshackle and gingerbread postage stamp sized slice of
 the Bywater.

 Given its population density, Spanish Town is a surprisingly quiet
 neighborhood, though sometimes quite noisy. All the same, residents
 enjoy a modicum of quietness and privacy.

 Spanish Townies dislike suburbs, prefer a neighborhood they can
 walk around in, keep lifestyles approaching the Bohemian, and some
 claim this neighborhood is the only way they can stand living in
 Baton Rouge.

 This neighborhood is not the kind of place for those requiring
 modern living spaces and creature comforts.

 Spanish Town has a something of a weeding process in the form of
 living spaces that are often tiny and always old. Off-street
 parking is rare. So are dishwashers, central air conditioning and
 heating, and laundry facilities.

 Its always been a relatively safe neighborhood where even the
 oddest of us are usually harmless. Part of it may be that to the
 casual observer, much of Spanish Town looks as if no one owns any
 thing of value that might be worth stealing.

 Capitol Grocery is the oldest standing grocery store in the city,
 though it hasn't been a full-service grocery for the past twenty
 years or so and the name has changed to Spanish Town Market. It
 will always be Capitol Grocery to me.

Fri Jan 16 18:42:11 CST 2015	Cantankerous Old Man

 I remember a cantankerous old man who bought a new Dodge "mini-truck"
 (as it was often referred to in the mid-1980s). It was such a
 lemon, he painted, "I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT A NISSAN!" on all sides
 of the vehicle.

Sat Jan  3 16:17:20 CST 2015	Lugubrious Litany

 It's a lugubrious litany  to know at least three people injured
 in automobile accidents that were NOT their fault and years later,
 they're still suffering. The insult to injury is a veritable
 nightmare experience to get anything approaching equitable
 compensation for the required medical procedures and expenses.

Wed Dec 31 09:44:10 CST 2014	Snug as a Bug

 Last Night: wrapped myself up in a favorite old kilt. Six yards
 of worsted wool. Snuggled myself in a cocoon of heavy blankets.
 Woke up sweating this morning. #dumbass

Fri Dec 26 23:16:01 CST 2014	My Lucky Stars

 I thank my lucky stars that I don't work retail sales and for
 having the empathy to appreciate why.

Thu Dec 11 08:31:15 CST 2014	The Decent Human Beings

 I'd like to think the decent human beings are the reason the planet
 hasn't fallen from its axis and plummeted into oblivion.

Mon Nov 10 09:12:22 CST 2014	Misguided Asshole

 You're condescending to a force you are by no means competent to
 reckon with, you misguided asshole.

Sat Oct 11 21:46:16 CDT 2014	The Atheist and the Zealot

 The atheist who harms no one is more acceptable to a single
 universal truth than a mean-spirited zealot who wants to harm
 anyone and everyone who doesn't proclaim the zealot's twisted and
 perverse religious beliefs.

Tue Sep 23 09:28:01 CDT 2014	Common Sense Prevails

 Common sense prevailed when a Lafayette judge ruled the state's
 ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. People knew the ban
 would be found as such and it was only a matter of time that a
 ruling had to be made. What may have helped things along is the
 ban was so obviously hateful and mean-spirited, it disgusted a
 lot of Louisianians who'd otherwise not have been concerned.

Thu Sep 18 22:09:23 CDT 2014	Aye, ye Scotland

 The Scottish have never been very chummy with Britain and harbor
 a spirited dislike with the Tories (British Conservatives), notably
 following the governance of the late British Prime Minister Margaret
 Thatcher. The current PM and his lot are Tories. Im the simplest
 of terms, that's about it.

Thu Sep 18 22:08:27 CDT 2014

 Long before MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, and even AOL, we were
 dialing into community bulletin boards (BBSes), where the login
 screen would read, "Consider everything you post here to be public."

Thu Sep 18 22:05:49 CDT 2014

 My local musician friends like me because I respect them and will
 not post any of their content on social media without their

Thu Aug 21 21:44:48 CDT 2014	I Give Up

 I've pretty much given up keeping a public transit journal. I doubt
 seriously that it would have facilitated any kind of worthwhile result,
 or that anyone else really cares.

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