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Mon Apr 21 11:42:08 CDT 2014	"Going out"

 I won't go out unless I'm invited to join someone or a group, which
 means that I just don't go out

Sun Apr 20 18:25:08 CDT 2014	Chocolate is Poisonous to Dogs

 Please don't give chocolate to a dog. You can poison them by doing
 so. Also pass this on to those who may not know.

Wed Apr 16 15:23:17 CDT 2014	Shhhhhhhhhhh ... I'm on my lunch break.

 While I was on my lunch break at a nearby coffee shop: Coffee shop
 employee: "I think the library is mad at me." Me: The library is mad
 at everybody. Coffee shop employee: "But I returned my books." Me:
 Shhhhhhhhhhh ... I'm on my lunch break.

Tue Apr 15 00:58:18 CDT 2014	For my Jewish Friends

 I wish for a world without anti-Semitic lunatics, and other mean
 and hateful human beings.

Tue Apr  8 22:14:22 CDT 2014	Please don't get me wrong. 

 I *like* country music. What I don't like is spending public funds
 to front a promoter for the Bayou Country SuperFest when those
 public funds could have helped support our local musicians, bands,
 and venues.

Mon Apr  7 13:50:35 CDT 2014	Bayou Country Superfest

 So that food and beverage service industry peeps may make their schedule
 requests accordingly, the Bayou Country Superfest will be the May 23 -
 25 Memorial Day Weekend.

Mon Mar 24 18:55:05 CDT 2014	Livejournal Root-kit Exploit

 Livejournal users should beware of a rootkit exploit that uses LJ
 as a gateway to inject and infect users' accounts and personal
 computers. It has so far made it past at least one security software
 suite and the only guaranteed way to purge it is to completely
 erase and reformat the hard-drive.

Mon Mar  3 09:13:55 CST 2014	To someone I know

 You're far too talented and intelligent a human being to resign
 yourself to serving food and drinks for a living. Please stop
 selling yourself short.

Mon Feb 17 19:51:53 CST 2014    Caring for Animals

 Among the many things that caring for animals teaches us are
 compassion and empathy, not only for our furry friends but also
 for each other.

Mon Feb 17 15:30:26 CST 2014    Bronson

 Friends lost one of their bulldogs during what should been a
 routine surgery. I'm so choked I could barely order a veggie subway
 sandwich. My heart goes out to you, Lacey and Josh.

Wed Feb 12 09:43:07 CST 2014    Bon Annivesarie!

 Happy Anniversary Lacey and Josh!

Fri Feb  7 08:10:29 CST 2014    "Amazon" ... they say.

 I am endeared to a number of women who are not small, some of whom
 are quite sizeable ... "Amazon," they say. I exist - not at all
 to my liking - in a media-driven culture obsessed with thinness
 and smallness on the parts of women. It hurts me when my women
 friends are sad and discouraged because they don't look like the
 women in the fashion magazines, or featured on "The Biggest Loser."
 It's a sham of a culture that encourages people to dislike
 themselves, and others to shun them because of their size.

Mon Jan 27 10:23:33 CST 2014    Tattoo a Tres

 Unless you are preceeded by an outstanding set of credentials,
 qualifications, or reputation, it might be in your best interest
 to cover your tattoos when you are applying or interviewing for
 a job.

Fri Jan  3 13:18:33 CST 2014    Yoga and Mehitabel

 I was holding a double down dog pose with my yoga teacher when
 her cat Mehitabel padded up to us and touched noses with me.

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