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Fri Jul 19 09:40:22 CDT 2019	Shoutout to the Younger Adults

 A big shoutout to the younger adults who know what #jimcrow looks like
 and refuse to be a part of it. Y’all are all the awesome.

Thu Jul 18 06:11:23 CDT 2019	Back to the Cracker Barrel

 If you consent to, defend, or support the President's racist rhetoric,
 please go back to the cracker-barrel you came from.

Wed Jul 17 13:00:42 CDT 2019	Mail Check

 I grew weary of waiting for Access Services to sort out the mail for
 Administrative and Collection Services, Civil War Book Review, Gifts
 and Exchanges, Hill Memorial, Oral History, and Special collections so
 I did the sorting myself.

Tue Jul 16 14:30:06 CDT 2019	Insidious Little Clique

 Each generation has an insidious little clique for whom it's "cool"
 to be mean. If that's how you play, then that's how you'll pay.

Fri Jun 28 07:43:26 CDT 2019	These days

 As I walk to the North Boulevard Transit Pavilion on weekday mornings,
 I frequently see as many - or more - prison buses than I do school buses.

Thu Jun 27 07:14:30 CDT 2019	Tiger Trails. Downtown Vet. Bus 111.

  I took a detour through Lafayette St. - parallel to 3rd  St. -  to
  avoid the aggressive and belligerent panhandlers.

Wed Jun 26 09:30:38 CDT 2019	Nurturing and Affirmation

 I nurture and affirm younger adults because when I was their age,
 hardly anyone was present to nurture and affirm me.

Mon Jun 24 07:15:17 CDT 2019	Tiger Trails. Downtown Vet. Bus 111

 The bench at the North Boulevard Town Square transit pavilion is occupied
 by three homeless persons. A Baton Rouge City Police vehicle is across
 the street. Two of the homeless persons boarded the bus with us. 

Tue Jun 18 07:17:58 CDT 2019    Tiger Trails. Downtown Vet. Bus 107.

 North Boulevard Town Square and transit pavilion occupied by vagrants.

Mon Jun 10 11:22:03 CDT 2019    Axe Body Spray Response

 Response to the Straight Pride parade: "we'll be at the parade that
 matters and this one isn't it" — AXE (@AXE) June 5, 2019

Mon Jun  3 14:05:05 CDT 2019    Trickle-down economics.

 "Trickle-down economics" is a lie that's been in circulation since the
 Reagan Administration.

Sun Jun  2 10:00:07 CDT 2019    hurricane season and New Orleans

 This is officially hurricane season. New Orleans is officially a coastal
 city. Please prepare accordingly.

Sat Jun  1 12:00:51 CDT 2019    equality, fairness, and justice

 Don't whine at me when equality, fairness, and justice limit those
 privileges taken at the expense of others'.

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