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Thu Jul  3 07:10:21 CDT 2014	Route 47. Bus 133.

 Signal bell not working. Passengers have to call out "Next stop!"
 when the bus approaches the bus stop where they want to step off.
 Please recall an earlier post about this same bus with the same
 non-functioning signal bell.

 According to the operator, bus line 72 (Florida Express Limited)
 doesn't pick up passengers at the bus stop on Florida at 5th

Wed Jul  2 07:00:17 CDT 2014	Route 72. Bus 122.

 The operator refused to stop for me at the bus stop on Florida at
 5th Streets. This is an Express bus and may - or may not - pick
 up passengers at named CATS bus stops between hubs. 

Tue Jul  1 13:49:16 CDT 2014	Route 47. Bus 114.

Duct tape express. 

 Body damage repaired by duct tape. Horn on steering wheel held in
 place by duct tape.

Mon Jun 30 17:45:37 CDT 2014	Route 47. Bus 107. 

 30+ minute wait at the bus stop across the street from the LSU
 student union on Highland Rd.

Tue Jun 26 14:25:48 CDT	2014	Route 47. Bus 133.

 Signal bell still not working on the same bus I rode to work this

Fri Jun 20 09:40:09 CDT 2014	BRCATS. "Dump the Pump" Day

 I did not even know about "Dump the Pump" day (Thursday, 06/19/2014)
 until I read about it online today. I can recall absolutely no
 prior announcements posted anywhere that I could think of.

Sat Jun 14 16:50:18 CDT 2014	Route 47, Bus 144

 The operator refused to let me step off the bus at the bus stop
 sign right next to the Planetarium on 3rd St. where another operator
 let me board the bus earlier on that very same day.

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