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Thu Dec 11 08:31:15 CST 2014	The Decent Human Beings

 I'd like to think the decent human beings are the reason the planet
 hasn't fallen from its axis and plummeted into oblivion.

Mon Nov 10 09:12:22 CST 2014	Misguided Asshole

 You're condescending to a force you are by no means competent to
 reckon with, you misguided asshole.

Sat Oct 11 21:46:16 CDT 2014	The Atheist and the Zealot

 The atheist who harms no one is more acceptable to a single
 universal truth than a mean-spirited zealot who wants to harm
 anyone and everyone who doesn't proclaim the zealot's twisted and
 perverse religious beliefs.

Tue Sep 23 09:28:01 CDT 2014	Common Sense Prevails

 Common sense prevailed when a Lafayette judge ruled the state's
 ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. People knew the ban
 would be found as such and it was only a matter of time that a
 ruling had to be made. What may have helped things along is the
 ban was so obviously hateful and mean-spirited, it disgusted a
 lot of Louisianians who'd otherwise not have been concerned.

Thu Sep 18 22:09:23 CDT 2014	Aye, ye Scotland

 The Scottish have never been very chummy with Britain and harbor
 a spirited dislike with the Tories (British Conservatives), notably
 following the governance of the late British Prime Minister Margaret
 Thatcher. The current PM and his lot are Tories. Im the simplest
 of terms, that's about it.

Thu Sep 18 22:08:27 CDT 2014

 Long before MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, and even AOL, we were
 dialing into community bulletin boards (BBSes), where the login
 screen would read, "Consider everything you post here to be public.

Thu Sep 18 22:05:49 CDT 2014

 My local musician friends like me because I respect them and will
 not post any of their content on social media without their

Thu Aug 21 21:44:48 CDT 2014	I Give Up

 I've pretty much given up keeping a public transit journal. I doubt
 seriously that it would have facilitated any kind of worthwhile result,
 or that anyone else really cares.

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