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Mon Jan  1 17:30:05 CST 2018    Instagram's Embedded WEB Browser

The Instagram app for iOS has an embedded WEB browser that supports
both Facebook Mobile and Messenger, so if you also have a Facebook
account, you don't really need either the Facebook or the Messenger
app on your iOS device. The Instagram app can work as all three.

Here's how to take advantage of the embedded WEB browser:

1. Add the URL of your Facebook profile page as your Website in
your Instagram profile, something like "" for
example. Facebook should automatically resolve to something like
"" and you can log in from there.

2. When you're done, you can log in to Facebook by engaging the
URL of your Facebook profile page in your Instagram profile and if
you choose to remain logged in, it's like having a both a mobile
Facebook and a Messenger app embedded inside Instagram for iOS.

3. To access Facebook Messenger, don't engage the Messenger toolbar
icon but engage the menu icon at the top right. From the menu, you
should see "Messenger" a little farther down. It's not as fancy or
as featured but it eliminates the need for the Messenger app.


Thu Dec 21 12:30:31 CST 2017	YOU'VE GOT NAILED!

 AOL only allowed it's subscribers so many minutes online at a time. Go
 over those minutes and YOU'VE GOT NAILED!

Tue Dec 19 21:15:28 CST 2017	Telcos and Bulletin Boards

 When the Telcos found out we were dialing into local bulletin
 board systems (BBSes) they added a "data-access" charge to our
 unlimited local calling plans.

Fri Dec 15 18:25:33 CST 2017	Origins of the Internet

 The origins of the Internet were paid for with public funds. Most
 of the infrastructure is on public property. #ripnetneutrality

Tue Dec 12 14:27:43 CST 2017	Flirting / Harassment

 Flirting is a gentle couples' dance.

 Harassment is stomping on her feet.


Thu Nov  2 13:37:11 CDT 2017

"... there are more kind, loving humans out there than you could
ever imagine." - Natalie Grumet, victim of the Route 91 shootings
in Las Vegas."

Sat Oct 28 10:37:01 CDT 2017	I'm all in ...

 I'm all in for a nation-wide sexual harrassment hotline, where the
 underpaid service worker can get pro-bono legal counsel and an
 opportunity to sue the ever-loving daylights out of a creepy
 co-worker, customer, employer, or supervisor.

Sat Oct 21 22:41:28 CDT 2017	My Feminist Advocacy

 My feminist advocacy comes from a lifetime of listening to women
 friends, finding commonalities in their life experiences of abuse,
 injustice, neglect, and often, violence.

 I have nothing to gain personally for my advocacy, nor do I seek
 anything. I am simply loyal to my women friends and to the ideal
 that we have a right to be safe from harm.

Sat Oct 14 18:33:18 CDT 2017	The Harder I fall.

 The harder I try, the harder I fall.

Thu Sep 28 13:56:28 CDT 2017	A Kindly Reminder

 One of the most important LGBT rights activists of our time passed
 away not long ago. Her name was Edie Windsor. She was the lead
 plaintiff in a landmark Supreme Court Decision that overturned
 Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act. Her Wikipedia Page is
 here Her memorial page
 is here

Mon Sep 25 22:35:44 CDT 2017	A Simple Act of Kindness

 A simple act of kindness costs very little. A simple act of kindness
 might mean everything to whom you're being kind to.

Thu Sep 21 09:04:41 CDT 2017	Your quiet attention, please. 

 Rape and sexual assault are experiences horrifying almost beyond
 description. If someone confides or discloses to you what they've
 been through, please give them your quiet attention and - for the
 love of Bokonon - don't go on social media and figuratively call
 them a liar.

Wed Sep 20 12:55:15 CDT 2017	Kindness Respect Loyalty Devotion

 Kindness and respect to all. Loyalty and devotion only to those
 who I deem worthy.

Thu Aug 31 11:41:10 CDT 2017	Lakewood Church in Houston, TX

 Joel Osteen's megachurch - Lakewood Church in Houston, TX - should
 have its 501c status revoked.

Wed Aug 30 18:20:09 CDT 2017	Dear Texas Price-gougers

 Dear Texas Price-gougers: the eyes of Texas are upon you.

Mon Aug 14 00:53:39 CDT 2017	Love Wins

 As of this posting, $225,010 has been raised to pay funeral expenses
 for Charlottesville murder victim #HeatherHeyer #lovewins

Sun Aug 13 21:46:21 CDT 2017	Please go away

 Dear Alt-Right and Neo-Nazis, Don't you think you carried this
 hatred of yours too far? Please go away.  #stompoutracism

Fri 4 Aug 12:38:08 CDT 2017	Tiger Trails. Downtown Vet. Bus 108.

 Passenger up front eating smelly food.

Fri Jul 28 16:43:11 CDT 2017	Transgenders in the Military

 It takes a lot of courage to transition while in active military
 service, knowing full well what the consequences might be to their
 military career.

Wed Jul 19 03:04:02 CDT 2017	Doxxing and Revenge Porn

 Doxxing and revenge porn are about as low as low can go. Leave
 my gal-pals alone.

Sat Jul  8 23:54:02 CDT 2017	Baton Rouge Rent Gougers

 Baton Rouge is infested with rent gougers who are running my
 friends out of their homes.

Tue Jun 27 18:24:47 CDT 2017	The GOP

 The GOP should be a character on the TV series, "Arrested

Tue Jun 20 01:07:45 CDT 2017	"Anti-gay pastor arrested"

 Run "Anti-gay pastor arrested" - without the quotes - through a
 search engine and see what happens.

Mon Jun 12 07:50:21 CDT 2017	Pity-party Twit

 "Oh, but it's fashionable to be gay, Robert but it's not fashionable
 to be Christian." From what came out of their mouth, it must be
 fashionable to be a passive-aggressive, pity-party twit.

Thu Jun  1 16:00:02 CDT 2017	Linux Report No. 1

 I recently exited the Apple-verse and entered the world of open sourcery
 by installing Lubuntu 16.04 LTS on a five-year old Lenovo ThinkCentre
 M90z all-in-one I purchased from a local computer recycling center.

 Lenovo claims the system to be Ubuntu Certified and the installation
 process went painlessly. The results are just this side of amazing and
 with the LXDE desktop, it runs like a rabbit on four gB of memory.

 Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird are the default WEB and email
 clients and while the former no longer supports the Amazon and Netflix
 video players, Google Chrome does and it's available for Ubuntu.

 The only issue is that not even with VLC and regardless of the
 desktop, will this system play DVD movies in its optical drive.
 My suspicion is a copy or digital rights management issue.

Fri May 19 09:22:22 CDT 2017	Rompers for Men

 All these rompers for men people are posting about were featured
 in the International Male catalog some twenty years or so ago.

Fri May 19 09:21:17 CDT 2017	Synonym for a Traitor

 The American lexicon may soon have another synonym for a traitor.

Fri May 4 20:4:45 CDT 2017	Note To Self:

  Request a full day's annual leave from work for commencement day
  so you won't be stuck on the bus in the middle of all that traffic.

Mon May  8 14:44:41 CDT 2017	Sometimes, you win.

 Email comment from my Public Library Services professor, "Excellent
 final exam, by the way." Sometimes, you win.

Sun Apr 16 21:53:04 CDT 2017	Air Conditioning Filters

 Now that the AC will be in constant use, change or clean the filter
 once a month. Also, clean any box, pedestal, or stationary fans
 you are using to help cool your living spaces.

Mon Apr 10 21:36:00 CDT 2017	Dog Breeders

 I have no problems with people who breed dogs because they care
 about the breed and they care about the dogs. I have problems with
 those who breed dogs because they only want to make money off the
 breed and the dogs.

Tue Apr  4 14:48:38 CDT 2017	For the love of Bokonon

 Younger adult friend and her nephew were nearly hit head on by a
 motorist using his mobile device while driving, then he nearly
 sideswiped someone else on the I-12. For the love of Bokonon people
 put those damned things down and pay attention to your driving.

Sun Apr  2 19:48:10 CDT 2017	Blame It on the Boomers

 When you start blaming things on baby boomers, be mindful that my
 generation was the first to experience a lower standard of living
 than our parents and we still do.

Sun Mar 26 10:18:19 CDT 2017	Did you know? 

 The late Margaret Hamilton who portrayed the famous 'Wicked Witch
 of the West' in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's "The Wizard of Oz" (1939)
 was also a life-long advocate for animal rights' and public
 education. Source: Wikipedia

Thu Mar 23 14:59:16 CDT 2017	April Changes

 Those who have been repeatedly mean to me and for no reason at
 all, will no longer exist to me. I will not gaze upon or acknowledge
 their presence. I will not frequent places where they do and if
 they appear where I am present, I will actively avoid them.

Sat Mar 18 20:46:42 CDT 2017	Copy, paste, post, repeat.

 The annual cost of security for Trump Tower is 183 million dollars
 a year.

 The annual budget for the National Endowment for the Arts and
 Humanities is 140 million dollars a year.

 Think about it then copy, paste, post, repeat.

Sat Feb 25 23:02:53 CST 2017	Oh, no! :-o

 A truck plowed into the crowd at Carrollton and Orleans during
 Endymion. Twenty-one people sent to the hospital. That's the parade
 I wanted to go to NOLA to see.

Sat Feb 25 22:27:11 CST 2017	Concave Broke

 If I'd've gone to New Orleans for the Garden District parades as
 I planned to, I'd be concave broke by Monday.

Wed Feb 22 18:23:03 CST 2017	House Bill 610

It's really beginning.

House Bill 610 makes some large changes. Inform yourselves.

This bill will effectively start the school voucher system to be
used by children ages 5-17, and starts the defunding process of
public schools. In addition the bill will eliminate the Elementary
and Education Act of 1965, which is the nation's educational law
and provides equal opportunity in education.

It would repeal ESSA (Every Students Succeeds Act): ESSA is a big
comprehensive program that covers programs for struggling learners,
AP classes, ESL classes, classes for minorities such as Native
Americans, Rural Education, Education for the Homeless, School
Safety (Gun-Free schools), Monitoring and Compliance and Federal
Accountability Programs.

The Bill also abolishes the Nutritional Act of 2012 (No Hungry Kids
Act) which provides nutritional standards in school breakfast and

The bill has no wording whatsoever protecting SN kids, no mention
of IDEA and FAPE.

Some things ESSA does for Children with Disabilities

-Ensures access to the general education curriculum.
-Ensures access to accommodations on assessments.
-Ensures concepts of Universal Design for Learning
-Includes provisions that require local education agencies to
provide evidence-based interventions in schools with consistently
underperforming subgroups.
-Requires states in Title I plans to address how they will improve
conditions for learning including reducing incidents of bullying
and harassment in schools, overuse of discipline practices and
reduce the use of aversive behavioral interventions (such as
restraints and seclusion).

Please call your representative and ask him/her to vote NO on House
Bill 610 (HR 610) introduced by three Republican reps.

PLEASE copy and paste. Thank you.
Tue Feb 14 10:31:31 CST 2017	Caught Myself Dancing

 Caught myself dancing soft-shoe in the elevator, then let myself
 go back to dancing soft-shoe in the elevator.

Mon Feb 13 12:57:46 CST 2017	How to Survive a Plague

 Anyone genuinely interested in activism might want to read the
 book and watch the documentary film, which is currently available
 on Netflix.

	France, David. How to survive a plague: the inside story
	of how citizens and science tamed AIDS. New York: Alfred
	A. Knopf, 2016. ISBN: 9780307700636

Wed Feb  1 21:13:01 CST 2017	A Set of Ideas

 I would like for people to understand that the Constitution of
 the United States isn't just a document. It's a set of ideas that
 consider the welfare and well-being of not just some of the people,
 but all of the people. My loyalty is not only with the Constitution.
 It's also to the welfare and well-being of our fellow and sister
 human beings.

Sun Jan 29 23:24:02 CST 2017	This Hateful Government

 I will not abide or consent to this hateful government of which
 we have been made subject.

Wed Jan 25 10:53:10 CST 2017	Idiots like the Cheeto

 There's a way to keep he who will govern without the consent of
 the governed from rendering upon us one disaster after another:

  Contact your senators and congress persons, and all those who
  are a part of the system of checks and balances, conceived by
  our Founding Fathers to reign in idiots like the Cheeto.

Mon Jan 16 13:13:23 CST 2017	ACA Coverage Concerns

 For those worried about ACA coverage for themselves and their
 families. Senator Elizabeth Warren's office said they are being
 flooded with calls, as are the offices of Speakers Ryan and
 McConnell. Senator Warren's staff member said what would help the
 most would be to call the five Republican senators who have broken
 away from the GOP to demand a slow down of the repeal. Tell them
 how much you appreciate their efforts to stop the train wreck and
 share your story.

 They are:
  Senator Bob Corker - (202) 224-3344
  Senator Lisa Murkowski - (202) 224-6665
  Senator Rob Portman - (202) 224-3353
  Senator Susan Collins - (202) 224-2523
 For Louisiana, 
  Senator Bill Cassidy - (202) 224-582

 Cut and pasted-feel free to share.

Sun Jan  1 17:28:19 CST 2017    Resolution No. 1

 I resolve to randomly dance with joy while listening to Social

Wed Nov 16 07:21:51 CST 2016    Dear fellow and sister old-timers:

 If you're not okay about the younger folk with tattoos and multiple
 piercings, just stay home and watch Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.

Sun Nov 13 19:27:59 CST 2016    One thing or another.

 To speak hateful things and in hateful context is one thing. To
 write and post them is entirely another. Those who do will be held
 responsible for the nature of the content they create and disseminate.

Thu Nov 10 08:56:13 CST 2016    Our Founding Fathers

 Our Founding Fathers knew the importance of an educated, enlightened,
 and informed populace and in those our fellow and sister Americans
 are failing us.

Mon Nov  7 21:43:19 CST 2016    Content On Demand

 Thinking about it ... "content on demand" didn't begin with network
 streaming. No. It first began with people using VHS VCRs in SLP
 mode to record a week's worth of their favorite TV shows, then
 watching them at their own leisure while fast forwarding through
 the commercials.

Fri Nov  4 15:20:21 CDT 2016    I Couldn't Help Myself

 It's a culinary habit of mine to have wine with food, last night's
 meal being stuffed cabbage rolls with a German Black Forest wine.
 Someone in our party inquired, "Are you a much of wine drinker,
 Robert?" I couldn't help myself. "Not as much as I am picky about
 the beer that I drink."

Mon Oct 31 14:32:17 CDT 2016    Dear Frat-daddy.

 We are not part of your world so please don't try to include us
 in it. This coffee shop is not your frat house or man cave. You
 are a loud-mouthed tourist to those of us who are long-time regulars
 here. Please try to behave with a little class and leave the co-eds
 alone. Thank you. =^..^=

Fri Oct 14 18:15:03 CDT 2016    Remarkable First Lady

 Michelle Obama is one remarkable First Lady. At my age and in my
 mind, she tops the late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in the elegance

Sun Oct  9 11:17:08 CDT 2016    Where there is Misogyny

 Where there is misogyny, there is a host of other evils.

Mon Sep 19 13:41:07 CDT 2016    Dear New Age Homeowner:

  The neighborhood cats were here long before you rolled up in your
  anthillmobile. We like our neighborhood cats and they are a fact
  of life in this neighborhood. Deal with it because we don't care
  HOW much you spent on the central air that strains the area power
  grid and that hot tub that bleeds the water pressure dry. =^..^=

Mon Aug 29 07:48:57 CDT 2016    Hole No.3

 Landlord's fix-it guys drilled holes into the bedroom air conditioner
 so water would drain out instead of inside the bedroom. Third
 drill hole went though the coil.

Wed Aug 17 22:49:21 CDT 2016    Spanish Town Bob's Laundry Tips

 Few things murder mildew like pine cleaner. Floodwater and bilge
 stains demand boosters like borax, washing soda, and oxy-cleaners.
 Pre-wash, pre-treat, and second-rinse if you can. If you can get
 a garden hose or a faucet to it post-salvage, all the better. Time
 is of the essence. The most dire cases should be handled boot-camp
 style using Fels-Naptha laundry soap.

Mon Aug 15 11:46:32 CDT 2016    Empathy dictates

 Empathy dictates that those who have been rescued from their homes
 and neighborhoods, who have lost everything, who have had something
 extraordinary happen to them, might need a little peace time to
 deal with what has just happened to them.

Sun Aug 14 11:00:48 CDT 2016    Quiet Little Old Man

 When I can think of nothing I can do or say that would help in
 any way, I'm a pretty quiet little old man wanting to stay out of
 the way.

Fri Aug 12 13:05:43 CDT 2016    In my own words.

 A few things you night not know about floodwaters. You night not
 know how deep it is. You night not know what's in it. You night
 not know what's under it. You might not know where it's flowing.
 Try to stay off the roads and definitely stay clear of floodwaters.

Mon Aug  8 22:10:47 CDT 2016    A Dancer's Bow

 Instead of learning to be like

 a nation,

 Let us first first learn to be

 a _c_i_v_i_l_ization.

Thu Aug  4 09:00:35 CDT 2016    Cloverfield (2008)

 Cloverfield (2008) is now included with Amazon Prime Membership.

Tue Aug  2 11:02:07 CDT 2016    Stop pretending.

 Stop pretending that your greed and selfishness are Christian

Tue Aug  2 08:13:45 CDT 2016    Life is Good.

 Neighbors want to pay me to hang out with their dog? Yeah. Life
 is good. :-)

Mon Aug  1 10:14:13 CDT 2016    What do you do?

 What do you do when you're a basic shy and sensitive, and someone
 treats you like you're  a nuisance and a creeper? :'-(

Wed Jul 27 11:17:31 CDT 2016    Baby Boomers

 One thing you can't slight on us baby boomers: when ordering a
 cup of coffee or tea, most of us won't ask for more extras and
 ingredients than a pharmaceutical cocktail.

Fri Jul 22 09:11:22 CDT 2016    Some Things to Consider

 The shooting death of Alton Sterling resulted in public demonstrations
 that were peaceful and reflected a sense of civic unity seldom
 seen elsewhere. The shooting deaths of three members of law
 enforcement resulted in a massive outpouring of support from our
 local communities and business establishments.  There are really
 lovely people here. That means Baton Rouge can be a better place
 than we've known it to be.

Thu Jul 21 13:57:39 CDT 2016    In a month and a day,

 I'll be working in a  position for which - among other things -
 I can enjoy my favorite pencils and fountain pens, and show off
 my best handwriting and penmanship.

Mon Jul 11 14:59:06 CDT 2016    In the 70802

 Loudest human-made noises I've heard over the weekend were the
 police helicopters and spotter planes.

Sun Jul 10 08:30:32 CDT 2016    Status-seeking Posers

 One thing that hasn't changed over the years: the status-seeking
 posers are always with us.

Thu Jul  7 09:13:01 CDT 2016    Stand and Chill

 No questions asked.
 No judgment passed.
 I'll hold myself still.
 I'll stand and chill.

Wed Jul  6 10:09:14 CDT 2016    H A P P Y \o/ B I R T H D A Y !

 Happy Birthday! to His Holiness, the Fourteenth Dalai Lama.

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